| Translucent Papers


From the very beginning, our paper has been defined by its transparency. It is a beautiful and enduring feature which complements its environment to create an added layer of functionality or a new dimension to your art.

We achieve this through precision engineering to produce a refined product with intense internal-bonding and clarity.


An undoubtable and natural paper feel. Wonderful to behold, see and touch. Stand out by using a new material texture in your art or packaging.

Environmental, Recyclable, Biodegradable

Our paper is 100% recyclable, sustainable and biodegradable. All of our Natural Translucent papers are food contact certified and even prevent harmful mineral oils from other packaging materials from migrating through.

This offers a clear bio-based solution sharing many of the same properties to petro-based plastics.


Our transparent papers achieve much more than simple imitation.

With great printability you can be sure that your brand is well represented and your message is clear. Find out how to get the best results from our Print Hints.

Internal R&D

Challenge us to drive your business and products further. Our collective wealth of knowledge and innovative spirit has helped our customers to develop new products. We access to some of the latest technology and our own dedicated laboratory so that we can deliver innovative solutions.

No Nasty Chemicals

Translucent papers are clean, clear and functional. We pride on achieving extraordinary properties without the need for harmful chemicals.

Our Natural Translucents are safe for direct food contact according to BfR Recommendation XXXVI.