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Introducing our beautiful notebooks made of heavyweight translucent paper Transboard

Collaborative creative work using Transboard

A little while ago we introduced our exquisite range of heavyweight translucent papers. We call it Transboard. Available from 200gsm to 375gsm in clear and extra-white, we are very proud of the robustness, uniformity and appearance of these translucent paper boards.

We worked collaboratively with Mishmash in Portugal to develop a stunning collection of notebooks to showcase the beautiful properties of our product.

Here we asked Beatriz Barros, creator of Mishmash to tell us about her experience working with this product.

I’m a graphic designer and I have spent my childhood surrounded by paper. My grandfather had a little stationery store and I’d spend all my spare time there. It was impossible not to fall in love with everything paper related.  
When Arjowiggins Translucent Papers suggested that I explore the new range of heavyweight translucent papers called Transboard, I was beyond excited. Translucent papers have always been an amazing tool to work with, as they are so versatile and conceptually rich. 
At mishmash, a recently created office-supplies brand, I’ve always been keen to make different things with new materials, not sticking to the usual product or process. 
Considering the see-through characteristic of Transboard , it was important to emphasize the transparency feature. We used Transboard both on the covers as well as on the tabs, with details in black embossing. 
The notebook also has transparent plastic coil and two different tabs divided into plain and ruled paper, making it a functional but also aesthetically pleasing product. 
The see through covers and tabs will eventually show your drawings and thoughts, which will visually enrich the product. 
The result is a simple, edgy, minimal notebook, synonym with elegance and functionality. “


If you want to find out more about our Transboard range, please get in touch here and we will be happy to answer your questions.