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Whatever your need, challenge us!

With our in-house R&D centre we are here to help you create the bespoke product you want!

Through our structured approach, we have established a clear route for product development.

We care. We create. We are Creative Papers.

1. Get in touch

It all starts with a ‘hello’. Begin your product development journey by getting in touch with us through our contact form, by email or by calling one of our Technical team. We are on hand to help meet your fibre-based product requirements and to start the innovation process.

2. Take a look

We have a range of papers within our standard portfolio for you to experiment with and experience. Get an impression of the future and a sense of development direction with a sample from our core range.

3. Research

As papermakers, we are obsessed with fibre-based technology and plugging-in to the bio-based economy. We have a wealth of experience and can draw upon our development work to develop something bespoke for you.

4. Prototyping

Once we establish your needs and goals, our next phase is to develop a trial product. One that you can work with: the prototyping phase is a time to adjust and to feedback.

5. Final product

We have made it. A bespoke product delivered to you.